Pyramidal bending machine 3 driven rolls Hydraulic positioning
Computerized numerical control CNC
Technical Data

Shafts diameter mm 40
Rolls diameter mm 156-117 (18 pieces)
Shafts length mm 94
Drive motor 1.5 kW
Variable rotation speed RPM 1-15
Variable translation speed of bending roll 0-24 mm/sec
Normal pressure BAR 210
Maximun height to center of shafts mm 95
Working height to center of shafts mm 960
Thrust power of the hydraulic cylinder kg 8,000
Hydraulic unit, mounted on a slide tray with rear insertion complete with tank-pump-air/oil heat exchanger, control servovalve, air compressor
Variable rotation speed G/1‘:1-15 (50Hz)
Variable translation speed 0-24 mm/sec
Three driving rollers with smooth back 20MnCr5 with hardness HRC 58 ÷ 60
Bearing structure in FE430-B steel
Pressing dowel with Z-Block anti-bending system (patented)
High resistance 38NiCrMo4 steel shafts hardened and ground
38NiCrMo4 special steel gears with grinding on the toothing
Torque limiter mounted on the rear gear assembly
Working position with vertical and / or horizontal shafts
Machine weight 630 kg
Console weight 104 kg
Overall dimensions: Base 800 x 1,025 Height 1,460
Console overall dimensions: Base 590 x 710 Height 1,220

R=40 kg/mm2 - BASED ON 60.000


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Computerized numerical control (CNC) bending machine operating in manual and automatic cycle, with direct insertion of the radius and bending data, to obtain many different shapes and developments

Electronic control consisting of a central 64-bit PLC system for controlling the movement of the A1 - A2 axes and a computer - 64 bit - 1.4 GHz - 1 GB RAM, complete with 16 GB SD card
LCD-VGA-HDMI-15 “color active matrix monitor, for the interface with the operator, both assembled on an independent console

Side ports for female USB and LAN RJ45 connections
Retractable control keyboard and control mouse

Multi language BPR bending program “PROBENDING ® system” facilitated with acquisition of the type of material and the section of the profile, possibility of filing the work performed with predefined and parameterized bending with memorization of the program combined with the selected material

Acquisition and transfer of DXF files
Execution of variable radius bends, with interpolated axes system.
Ramps of acceleration and deceleration, stop and inversion of the cycle, self-learning program and mirror cycle
Progress reading encoder with pneumatic movement contact, cycle start limit switch, connection for digital archimeter

Electronic control of the speed settings of moving of the bending roll (up to 24 mm/sec) and of the profile displacement (up to 15 RPM) in manual or automatic cycle
Possibility of direct connection with an external personal computer via RJ-45 (LAN) with diagnostics and automatic setup of the machine

USB connection for transferring and copying of bending programs
Remote connection for remote assistance and preparation for INDUSTRY 4.0

Control console
Rotation control pedal (optional)
Lateral rectifiers
Service tools kitb
Instruction manual

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