We regenerate and upgrade your old profile bending machines

The BPR Curvatrici retrofit service represents a unique opportunity for those who want to give new life to their bending machines, making them efficient and compliant with the latest technological innovations and standards.

Thanks to our experience and the latest generation equipment, we are able to update and improve even outdated products, guaranteeing safety and efficiency in their use.

The retrofit service allows you to equip your machines with our most advanced technologies, ensuring effective management of production processes. Furthermore, the particularly affordable price will allow you to obtain great savings compared to the purchase of a new machine.

Our team of highly qualified technicians will follow you step by step in the renewal process of your bending machines, guaranteeing a customized solution able to meet your specific needs.

Retrofit of the BA50 model

We show you an example of remanufacturing of the BA50 profile bending machine

We have completely upgraded the unit and installed our latest technological innovations in a safe and efficient way.

The images speak for themselves: the intervention was brilliant and the costs contained

The interventions were carried out on the base, on the internal and external mechanical parts, on the electrical system and on the electronic devices, with the installation of the latest generation hardware and software.

The final result

The BA50 CNC bending machine completely revitalized and able to face new production challenges of high quality with efficiency and elegance.

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